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Cyprus Multi Days Tours  
by Volare Travel - Guarantee for minimum 2 persons 

“A World of surprises in an Island to discover ”
Weekly guarantee departures for minimum 2 persons with Cyprus Tours
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From its exciting villages  to its natural wonders and  small towns , Volare Travel takes you on a thrilling tour of Cyprus , the home of Aphrodite , wine vineyards,  sunny beaches, byzantine churches , Greek Roman amphitheaters , mosaics and so much more.
Explore the 10.000 years of Cyprus history and experience the Cypriot life . Visit the spectacular mosaics of Paphos , pray in a Byzantine church . But that’s not all… Volare Travel  takes it one step further and we cross the green line to visit Nicosia , Salamis and the ghost city of Famagusta ( Varosia ) . We include  unique activities so you not only see Cyprus , you experience it. These are just a few of the experiences you’ll have on a Volare Travel multi- day tour in the island of Cyprus!
Our Cyprus multi days tours of several departures of 8,6,5 and 4 days from various cities of the island joined together people who come with different flights and different countries.
** Please do not forget to forget to fill your Cyprus Flight Pass 24 hours before your arrival .  

Wekkly basis 

from 20/04/17-31/10/21
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Main Lunguages : English - Italian - Spanish
On Request :
Greek-Dutch-French-Russian-Hungarian -Arab-Chinese-Czech - Bulgarian - Swedish

Cyprus Tours - Tour Di Cipro

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in the island of Cyprus
Cyprus Tours
We present a wide range of 'routes for all your needs. With air transport that can offer great prices to the passenger, the holiday is no longer a dream but a reality.


Guarantee for 

Minimum 2 pax 
Cyprus Private Tours
TOURS are guaranteed for minimum of 2 persons. If the number of participants is 6 or less, the trips will be made with a private car and driver / bilingual guide.