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From  Limassol

Leda Tour special offer for

Latvia - Lithuania and Estonia 


Sunday - Sunday , Saturday - Saturday & Monday - Monday 

Leda Tour 8 Days/7 Nights IN ENGLISH AND RUSSIAN 





SUN - Arrival

Arrival and transfer to the hotel in  Limassol.

Accommodation in hotel. Dinner and overnight.



The drive to Paphos reveals ever - changing scenery from vineyards and citrus groves to archaeological sites, all in a beautiful Mediterranean frame.

Driving along the coast we head to the prominent archaeological site of Kourion. It is home of a magnificent Greco-Roman Theatre, stately villas and an early Christian Basilica with a baptistery attached to the north face, dating to the 5th century, which probably was the Cathedral of this city kingdom.

Next stop is at Petra tou Romiou, regarded since ancient times as the birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love and fertility. Once in Paphos we head to the church of Panagia Crysopolitissa , built in the 13th century over the ruins of the largest Early Byzantine basilica on the island. Within the compound one can see St. Paul's Pillar, where, according to tradition, Saint Paul was flogged before the Roman Governor Sergius Paulus was converted to Christianity.

Next to the picturesque harbor, in the Houses of Dionysus, we have the chance to admire some of the finest Roman mosaics dating the 3rd to the 5th century AD. This restored  Roman villa probably belonged to a member of the ruling Roman class or to a local wealthy  family. 

We finally visit the Tombs of the Kings. Spread over a vast area, these impressive underground tombs date back to the 4th century BC. They are carved out of solid rock with some being decorated with Doric pillars.





Breakfast at the hotel.

Meeting with the guide and departure for Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, whose city centre is hedged by majestic Venetian walls.

It is renowned for the archaeological and artistic treasures collected in its museums and, especially, to be the last city in the world divided by a wall.

First visit at Archbishopric complex, which hosts the famous Byzantine museum, one of the most important museums in Europe of its kind, featuring the largest collection of icons on the island, and the Cathedral of St. John the inside contains a fresco cycle dating 1731.

Through the Venetian Walls, via Famagusta Gate, we get to

the old town of Nicosia (Laiki Yitonia),Free time for lunche and We continue to

the Archaeological Museum where you can admire the fascinating collection of Cypriot artefacts and treasures of inestimable value. Return to the hotel in the afternoon.


WED - TROODOS - Byzantine Churches

(San Nicolaos, Kakopetria, Podithou, Asinou)


Breakfast at the hotel.

Departure to the Troodos mountains and guided tour of some of the famous Byzantine churches, included in the 'UNESCO "World Heritage list: the Church of Ayios Nicolaos, completely painted with frescoes ranging from the eleventh to the seventeenth century , and the Byzantine church of Panagia of Pothithou.

Free time for lunch.

We continue our journey visiting the Panagia Tis Asinou Church, in Nikitari village, one of the ten UNESCO World Heritage churches on the Troodos. Built in a pine-clad area, it has some of the finest examples of Byzantine wall painting on the island.

Return to the hotel in the afternoon.


THU - The wine routes (Thursday)

From the Commander of the Crusaders to cabernet.

(KOLOSSI - WINE MUSEUM - OMODOS – Vouni - Koilani - LIMASSOL) ►Distances

A journey that will take you back in time, to discover the secrets of the oldest and most famous wine on the island, Koumandaria, famous throughout the world.

The itinerary, passes through some villages of wine production and Koumandaria, ideally takes you back to 1192 AD, when the Knights of San Giovanni dedicated themselves to perfecting the production techniques of what, perhaps, was the first wine in history to be identified by his name, Koumandaria in fact. The sun, a great ally of winemakers, partly dries the harvested grapes, concentrating their natural sugar content and thus enriching the taste.

Departure after breakfast to learn about the history of the island's wine. First stop at Kolossi Castle located in the village of the same name, 11 kilometers west of Lemesos (Limassol). It was built in the fifteenth century, on the ruins of a previous fortress, dating back to the early thirteenth century. The latter belonged to the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and was the center  of the most important Central Command among those belonging to them. For a few years, in the 14th century, it was under the control of the Knights Templar. The area also produced and exported the traditional sweet wine of Cyprus, which became known as "Vin de Commanderie", or Commandaria. This is one of the oldest “appellation” wines in the world, having carried the same name for eight centuries. Continue to the village of Erimi and visit the wine museum located in the heart of the island's wine production area, the Cyprus Wine Museum will take you on a fascinating journey through the history of Cypriot oenology. Photographs and audiovisual presentations, ancient jars and vessels, medieval chalices and old documents touch every aspect of wine production.

We continue to the village of Omodos and visit this important wine center and the famous monastery of Stravos (Santa Croce), founded by S. Elena in 327 AD Located in the center of the homonymous square . We also visit the Linos cellar and taste the wine of place. Free time for lunch and we continue to the village of Koilani, visit the village and the winery of the village. Passing through  Vouni village we will return to the hotel in the afternoon.



FRI - Venetian Bridges - Kykkos - Kalopanayiotis

Departure for an interesting guided tour to discover the Venetian bridges of Tszelefos and Elia. From Venetian and medieval times the two bridges cross the Diarizos river in the Paphos forest where gold mines were at the time. Next stop at the village of Kaminaria for a coffee. Continue to the Kykkos monastery founded in 1100 to venerate the Icon of the Madonna and Child attributed to San Luca. Free time for lunch near the convent and next stop at the village of Kalopanayiotis visiting the complex of San Giovanni Lampadistis, a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The main church of the monastery, dating back to the 11th century, is an arched structure with a Greek cross plan. The chapel of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis was built in the 12th century, north of the first church, on the tomb of the saint. Subsequently the chapel collapsed and was, for the most part, rebuilt in the 18th century. Another chapel was built north of Agios Ioannis during the second half of the 15th century. Later it became known as the "Latin Chapel", since it was believed to have been built for Catholics. The large wooden roof, which covers all three churches and gives the complex its particular appearance, was added at a later date.



SAT Free day for leisure . Half board in the hotel


SUN Departure

Breakfast at the hotel, check-out and transfer to the airport

Leda Tour 

кипре тур

Russian Description


September & October 

Rates & Program 01/09/20-31/10/20
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19–26/09 OR 20-27/09 OR 21– 28/09

October 2020


- Accommodation in a  3* sup or 4 star hotel in Limassol

  for 7 nights

- Half board in hotel

- Tours and transfers by bus or minibus.(*)

- Bilingual local guide English/Russian

- Handling fees

- Entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites in the


- Everything mentioned in the program

- Air Ticket from Tallinn or Vilnius or Riga with Direct flights Ryanair and wizz air

- Airport Taxes

- 1 hand laguage bag  

- 1 laguage bag 20 kg

Limassol Transfers ( included)

Collective Return Transfer from Paphos or Larnaca airport airport to the hotel in Limassol , maximum waiting time at the airport 60 minutes) -



- Tips

- Meals during the excursion



- Private transfer supplement EUR 30.00 per person











FR3341 TALLINN – PAPHOS  2120  0120   21SEP

FR3340 PAPHOS – TALLINN  1645  2055 



FR3337 RIGA – PAPHOS 1050  1440

FR3336 PAPHOS – RIGA 0635  1025 



W6 8043 Vilnius – Larnaca 06:10 – 09:50

W6 8044 Larnaca – Vilnius 10:30 – 14:05



TOURS are guaranteed for minimum of 2 persons.If the number of participants will be 6 or less, the tours will be made with a private car and driver / guide bilingual .

** arrivals on Saturday from Riga will have free day on Sunday

And arrivals on Monday from Vilnius will start excursions on Tuesday .



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