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Sunday - Sunday

Rural Tours self drive

Sunday - Arrival at the airport of Cyprus (Paphos or Larnaca), assistance  and delivery of the  car. Continue to the village of Tochni or Kalavassos and accommodation in traditional houses of the Cypriot style. 


Monday - Chirokitia - demonstration to make Halloumi- Lefkara - Curion - Goudi
Meeting with our guide and departure with our cars for Chirokitia. First  stop at the archaeological site of an ancient Neolithic settlement; excavations have brought to light evidence of one of the most important Neolithic cultures in the world. After that we would visit a small goat farm where you will be demonstrated how you can make Halloumi cheese. ( "The traditional cheese of the island of Cyprus is made ​​the same way as mozzarella but is slightly salty ). It starts around noon to visit the quaint village of Lefkara, famous for its local lace known as Lefkaritica (tradition has it that Leonardo da Vinci visited the village and bought a tablecloth for the altar which he donated to the Milan Cathedral), and for the manufacture of silver. Free time for lunch  and departure for Goudi. On the way we reach the ancient kingdom of Curium .In Roman times it was an important city-state, and today, it is one of the most important archeological site of the island. We will visit the magnificent Greek-Roman theater of the second century BC , the home of Eustolios originally a Roman villas . It became a Christian center in the first period for public activities' recreation, an early Christian basilica, dating from the fifth century, probably the Cathedral of Kourion. Next stop at Petra tou Romiou that according to legend, this extraordinarily beautiful place would be the place where Aphrodite emerged from the waves of the sea. Check in at the traditional houses of Goudi in the late afternoon .
Tuesday - Paphos - Ayios Neophytos
Meeting with our guide and departure with our cars for  Paphos . The city 'of Paphos included in the official list of cultural and natural treasures of the world heritage marriage. We can start by visiting the famous mosaics (home of Dionysus) .The mosaic floors of these stately villa dating back to a period between the third and fifth centuries AD and are considered among the most beautiful in the oriental Mediterranean area. Next visit is the tombs of the kings dating back to the fourth century ac They are located in hard rock and some are decorated with Doric columns.). Continue to the Church of the Panagia Chrysopolitissa built in the thirteenth century. Inside the complex you can see the column of St. Paul, where according to tradition was scourged the sentence was forty whips less one (39 whips). Then we continue to the monastery of Ayios Neophytos founded in the late twelfth century by the Cypriot hermit and writer Neofytos containing some of the most beautiful Byzantine frescoes (XII to XV) and we arrive in traditional houses in the late afternoon. 




Wednesday – Aphrodite’s Baths, Crysorogiatissa monastery, Wine tasting , Kykkos Monastery, Village of Kalapanayiotis.
Meeting with our guide and departure with our cars for the baths of Aphrodite .The  area is also famous for fish. You will have the opportunity to visit the baths of Aphrodite where according to legend, the goddess Aphrodite used to take her baths in the draft of a natural grotto, shaded by a fig tree which still can be visited. We continues to Chrysorrogiatissa monastery  originally  founded in the twelfth century and dedicated to "Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate" .The monastery has an important collection of icons and other treasures . The old winery of the monastery produces fine wine of Cyprus. The grapes are harvested by hand and processed immediately using the latest technology of wine: Crossing the forest we arrive at Kykkos Monastery the richest and most prosperous one of the island, is located in the region of Marathasa. It is located on the peak of a mountain, at an altitude of 1318 meters, in the northwest of the Troodos Mountains. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, the monastery possesses one of three icons attributed to St. Luke, the Evangelist. The icon, covered with a layer of silver is kept in a reliquary mother of pearl and tortoise shell, placed in front of the iconostasis. In the late afternoon we arrive at our village of Kalapanayiotis the worth of Marathassa. Accommodation in our traditional hotel Casale Panayiotis. Accommodation in rooms. 



Thursday - Kalapanayiotis - demonstration of Cypriot cuisine - Pedoulas
Meeting with the guide and start walking to enjoy one of the local trails by the old mill d 'water, natural sulfur springs, Venetian bridges, and visit the medieval monastery of Ayios Ioannis Lampadistis, l' adjacent icon museum which houses invaluable (2-4 km) Byzantine treasures.
Then we meet at the table to eat musaka accompanied by a glass of Cypriot wine. Departure at 15:00 to visit the village of Pedoulas and the Church of Archangelos Michael (Archangel Michael), at Pedoulas, was declared by UNESCO as World Heritage site. Built and decorated in 1474, it consists of a rather small building, with its distinctive sloping roof of the mountain. The "Templon", has survived intact, is of excellent workmanship and dates from the same period. Return to the hotel in the afternoon. 


Friday - Kakopetria - Ayios Nicolaos - Podithou - Omodos - Tochni
Early morning departure to visit the village of Kakopetria, though cited by medieval chroniclers, there was-at least -From domination Franghi. The area of the village was inhabited around the 6th - 7th century and the various excavations that were conducted in 1938 around the old village of Kakopetria (in the seat Ailades) demonstrate this. We continue to visit the Byzantine churches of Agios Nicolaos which is wholly painted with frescoes dating from the eleventh to the seventeenth century. Subsequently you can continue to the village of Galata, where you will have the opportunity to visit Podithou Panagia church which was erected in 1502 with Italian-style paintings bizantino. Then you can go to one of the villages Omodos wine producers. On the way you can stop at Troodos square. Arriving at Omodos village, which was owned by Sir John De Brie, Prince of Galilee. You can visit the monastery of Stavros (Holy Cross) overlooking sula stone paved square and enjoy the famous wine of Komandaria. We arrive in our homes Tochni late in the afternoon. 



  Meeting with guide and transfer to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus surrounded by the ancient Venetian walls. Visit to the 'archbishopric that accommodates within it the famous Byzantine Museum, one of the most important museums in Europe where there is the largest collection of icons on the island. We can also visit St’Johns cathedral the interior of which contains a number of frescoes from 1731. Moving from there we can visit Famagusta gate and we arrive at the National Museum where you can admire the fascinating collection of Cyprus artefacts and treasures of inestimable value and we continue to the historic center of Nicosia (Laiki Yitonia) and leisure and crossing the check point, we visit the Buyuk Han, one of the most 'famous architectural works of the period of ottoman empire. Buyuk Han is situated in the center of the traditional market inside the walls. Then continue to the Cathedral of St. Sophia which was turned into a mosque. Return to the homes in the afternoon. We all together prepare souvlaki and we get together for a final farewell of the 'island of Cyprus. 


Sunday - Depart for the airport with your  car and deliver your car at the airport.



** The order of the visits can 'change depending on the day of arrivaL.





- Accommodation in traditional houses of Tochni / Kalavassos for 3 nights in studio
- Accommodation in traditional houses of Goudi (Leonidas house or similar) for 2 nights in studio
- Accommodation in Casale Panayiotis Kalapanayiotis 2 nights in a standard room
- Breakfast only Casale Kalapanayiotis
- 1 Car Rental Cat B for 2 people (Hundai i20) or similar including CDW insurance (basic)
- Local bilingual Guide  that will guide the group in his car
- Handling fees
- Entrance fees to museums and archaeological sites in the program
- Anything mentioned in the program
- Tours can be in 2 languages English/Italian guarantee , other on request  
- Meals that are referred to the program
- Single will be in the first car with the guide



- Tips
- Meals during the tours and dinners
- Breakfast in Tochni and Goudi
- Insurance for super CDWe (€ 10.00 per day)
- Parking
- Car rental for Singles (will be in the first car with our guide.)






To not forget


* Valid driving license
* In Cyprus they drive on the left
* Car Insurance cover the drivers of the age of 23-72 years
* Upon delivery of the car you will be required a valid credit cards for guarantee
* The fuel of the car is paid upon delivery and release empty.


TOURS are guaranteed for minimum of 4 persons and the tours are done with the rental car  . Bilingual guide leads the group with his car .

Rural Tours self drive

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Sunday - Sunday



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