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Cyprus Tours

Cyprus Tours present a wide range of 'routes for all your needs. ( on weekly basis )

With air transport that can offer great prices to the passenger, the holiday is no longer a dream but a reality.​We organize several tours in order to ensure bilingual departures with a minimum of participants. In this way, your vacation will give you the opportunity to meet with the history of our land, our culture, our art of cooking and with our people.​

Our tours of several departures of 8,6,5 and 4 days from various cities of the island joined together people who come with different flights and different countries.

Our philosophy privileges the quality of diversified products, through an accurate planning, preparation, creation and developing, focusing especially on the human aspect, because our priority is the full satisfaction of all our Guests.

Our Mission

Fulfill all Your requests and expectations, professionally and… with a smile! Book your airline ticket and your tour to the land of the Gods.

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